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Wednesday, 29 June 2016

AngularJs Tutorial - Introduction

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AngularJS Introduction:    AngularJS is commonly represented as angular or angular.js. AngularJS is a javascript-based framework. This angularJS will helps you to build web applications. Mainly AngularJS used to develop a single page web applications. AngularJS developed by google they developed this framework mainly for cross-platform mobile apps. This framework is open source and free to share. AngularJS is an excellent framework for both single and other web applications. AngularJS developed and the initial release is done on 2010. If you want to look web applications which are fully developed by angularJS you can visit the website called From the above site, you can get the list of web application build by angularjs.

AngularJS tutorial
                                                                            AngularJS tutorial                                                                            

Why We Need AngularJS ?

Today market we have a lot of frameworks are available to do all your web developments then why we need this angularJS additionally. So before going to learn about angularJS you should know about the need or benefits of angularjs that is very important. We will share those details like what is the benefits of angularJS over normal javascript frameworks which we have already.

Benefits Of AngularJS:  

  •    Dependency Injection.

angularjs tutorial
angularjs dependency injection.
  • Two-way Data-binding.

angularjs tutorial
                                  AngularJS two-way data-binding                                       
  •       Model View  Controller
angularjs tutorial
AngularJS MVC
  •      Testing
  •       Directives and filters.

 How to use AngularJS?

    To build or develop an angularJS based web application you need to include only one script file in your header that is angular.js. To get this file you can visit and download the angularjs script file and include the file reference to your application.
     AngularJS script file:
    " <script src=""></script> "

     AngularJS have a lot of directives to control your application.

     Eg: Directive: ng-app, ng-controller, ng-model, ng-bind etc..
      We will see all directives in detail in the upcoming angular tutorial use all angular attributes within the body section only. angularJS contains some topics those topics you should know first then only you can understand the angularJS process.

 Main topics in angularjs :

  •      AngularJS Expressions
                In angularjs Expressions are done within double braces {{Expression}} the output of angularjs            will be displayed in where the expression is placed in your HTML page.
  •      AngularJS Modules.
                angularjs module is used to define  angularjs application. the syntax is given below.
                "var app = angular.module('FirstAngularApp', []);"
  •      AngularJS Controllers.
                Angularjs controllers used to control the application. This will bound to the particular scop of             an application.
  •     AngularJS Directives.
               Angularjs directives are used to bind all DOM elements of HTML. All HTML attributes having a prefix of ng are called angularjs directives. This will also use to create own HTML tags.   
               Eg: ng-init attribute is used to initialize angularjs application variable.   

  •     AngularJS Scope.
              Angularjs scope is a pretty interesting feature of angularjs you can sync with the model with this                 objects. This will an interaction between your view and controller.

  •      AngularJS Data-Binding.
                This feature will help you to sync your model and view of your application.

     Okay, guys lets try with our AngularJS tutorial. Definitely, you will gain more knowledge from this tutorial follow our guide and use "let's try" feature All The Best!!! 



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